The Discipline of Content Strategy

Kristina Halvorson goes into a very good argument. she states that even after all the work that web designers dosnt amount to anything if the content that is proposed for that particular web site is weak and not well orginaized within the complexity of the sites designed content. she emphasis the importance of content structure and validity. i myself agree to the subject and feel that as a art student we are being forced too much on the design aspect and functionality of the site that the content itself is overlooked and unorganized. i also feel that when plan our projects its as if the design is what drives what our content is, when really it should be the other way around. the content is very important to the sites design and if it is weak then so is our design.


search engine optimization

search engine optimization or SEO is a way to improve a websites chances of getting to a position in a search engine that will be seen by those that are looking for its keyword or phrase.
there area bunch of tips that can be used for planning successfull reconization. there are also a lot of too;s that you can use


hello all today’s topic is frame-working. it would seem that when making a website from scratch can be a very enticing ordeal. but one can get around this by having frameworks which are already made templates that can save lots of time for instance all the code that has to be written for css reset can be available already from another project and be linked to the file to save you lots of time.Frame-working can prepare for you a basic layout of your design with basic and simple css style-sheets.
it is a tool amongst us coders to make life easier on our already busy lifestyle. On the other side of the coin, using frameworks can lead to bloating of source code-meaning that their can be a large amount of code included that may never be executed and will make files sizes larger for what you might actually need to also have knowledge of the structure of the framework that you will be putting in to make sure that you don’t mess things up and give your self a headache trying to figure things out.
as web developers we will need to use these techniques when we work for sites that require lots of pages to be made and need to keep in mind the extra work that may be needed to keep these techniques in line.


“Progressive Enhancement” and “Graceful Degradation”

in the old days we were used to having such limited methods of cpu usage. for the longest time we were stuck on a desktop computer where internet was very limited and very slow. now we have laptops and mobile phones that many people have to have.

progressive enhancement for developers is a meaning that we take in order to better service and design for these new technologies. the browsers that the users employ must be able to work with our designs. so far we have mobile phones whose browsers are small and long, pads that are built to be navigable and interactive ,laptops that are standard and still used desktops. graceful degradation is the ability to design for the smaller devices and make them work in correlation with the next device  and still be user-friendly across all platforms. as more and more companies jump on “going multi-platform” we as developers must accommodate for all platforms making life a little harder as to having to follow all the rules that come along with it. which can hinder our ability to design to our full capacity at times.



Design Research

Design Research:why you need it? by steve cadle
The point this article made was that the correct research is very important for the designer’s purpose.By haveing a clear idea of the product, holding briefs to gain terminology and knowledge of the practices, holding user interviews to observe behavior and get a feel for user practices and opinions. this is good information for beginning researchers.
i would use this info by incorporating these common practices in my own initial research.

harnessing power of data by kim goodwin
this short blog highlights essential points on persona of the points kim makes is that having the right kind of research is very important. most personas are based off ethnographic data and what those personas do during research.
another point he makes is that you need to identify patters from this data that you receive. you know the changing variables so look for the commons.
then you can assemble these patterns that you find into a grouping.
once you have the data organized you can write the personas in a narrative with moderate detail.
try to avoid false or non-relating details or being too accurate.
i would use this information to keep these points in mind and use them to my advantage.

goal-directed service design by chris noessel
this article focuses on creating problem solving research for service designs this person gave good examples of how designers have come up with ways in the past.the examples he gave were how Tivo replaced traditional broadcasts of television.
how Netflix caused video rental sales to turn to mail and internet services and how email pretty much replaced sending paper mail. I would use this to keep in mind that creating new services for everyday things can make or break other companies!

Perfecting Personas by kim goodwin

this small article described how focusing on a smaller group can bring better results with persona behavior patterns.
i would use this information to keep in mind when dealing with behavior patters.

we can not accept that behavior by emma van nickerkman was frustrated by a text field that would not accept her last name when purchasing concert tickets. she wanted an error message that explained a solution on how to make her name work or why it didn’t.
i can use this as a feedback when creating a website or text field keeping in mind her problems.

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