mash ups

mashups now really! well mashups are a tool that web designers use to combine two or more tools that create a completely different application
In a sense of what we will be using it for with the whole podcasting program is a tool for editing the raw source of data into a feed that combine all mediums to a one final source.

An example of a mash up would be that of a musical band. the insruments when mixed together create a sound very unique.
but when u have set of instruments that dont even go together u get a very different sound all together.

one of my faveroite type of mash up is video editing! taking clips from different sources u can outcrop these clips and add them to a audio source to mash them togetrher for a final cut. i have seen several of these types and they are quite amusing.


  1. I LOVED THAT STAR TREK VS. STAR WARS VIDEO. This mashup technology is amazing. Just think of what we can do with the ability to place yourself in a different part of the world in a music video or a movie that you had always wanted to be in. That is actually a great idea for a small business. you could mashup peoples home videos with movies and let them see what they could only imagine before.

  2. mashups are pretty impressive , i think its pretty cool how we can put so many resources in one to make a total different version i like the example that crazy monkey used you used check it out. i also found portals during my research portals are alittle more limited to the thing that it can do, not like mashups which are so easy to do and fast as well. what do you think about portals??? this is the first time i ever hear about it

  3. I also really enjoyed the Star Trek vs Star Wars video. It was very well done. I think that this and the music article bring up the immense possibilities that a “regular” person has now to create whatever they please. Will this change the music industry? Will the mashups of several artists by a non-record industry person attract the attention of the artists and/or producers? Already the precedent has been set with unknown artists posting their songs on YouTube and because of the attention they get, they end up with recording contracts.

  4. the tricky part of that is matching the back ground noise and scenery. but yes its possible.

  5. Ive come across a few mashup videos that have very little in common that make it all the funnier, theres a great youtube video of early Star Trek Episodes scenes of Kirk and Spock set to Nine Inch Nails “closer” that is very funny if somewhat odd.

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